Sweet Southern Montage: Jordan + Bryan Chattanooga Wedding

This is such a sweet wedding montage we saw on Southern Weddings blog. And if we might add, a bit of a tear jerker!

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Jordan and Bryan could not be sweeter together, and their whole wedding was centered around faith, family, and music. Limestone Films did an amazing job capturing the joy and excitement of their big day!

How they met:  Jordan stats, “Though we attended high school together, it wasn’t until we were both working at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp that the spark began. I was a drama instructor and life guard and Bryan was a swimming instructor. We life guarded together, and over many flirty splashes, late summer night talks, and a country contra dance, we knew there was an attraction. Two and a half years later he proposed to me on a beautiful dock in my families’ traditional vacation spot: WaterColor, Florida. Both of our families even hid behind the bushes to congratulate us immediately after he proposed!”

I’ve visited Cohutta Springs on several occasions and its such a beautiful place to reconnect with friends, family and God.

Check it out!

Elon + Mirio Summer Wedding Sneak Peek

This past weekend we had the opportunity to see two people become one. Elon and Mirio’s wedding processional was supposed to begin from outside of the church. Unfortunately it began to storm heavily a few hours before the wedding started so plan B went into full affect! Rain symbolizes blessings, cleansing, unity, and a new beginnings. In some cultures it’s also a symbol of fertility. Due to these positive connotations, a rainy wedding day is very often considered a wonderful thing! Congrats again Elon and Mirio, may you continue to cherish many blissful rain drops and long lasting love.


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Black and White Wedding @ Ebenezer Baptist Church

We were in such awe when we saw the beauty of this wedding captured by Jonathan Canlas as they celebrated the legacy of their families! They had their ceremony in one of the most historically significant locations, Ebenezer Baptist Church. I immediately felt a connection because my mother and her siblings was raised going to Ebenezer by my grandmother when the King family was there so it holds many memories.

These portraits are truly lovely and timeless. Jonathan Canlas did such a wonderful job of capturing each personality. They included large, canvassed black and white photos of various family members wedding in the entrance to the church. It was a nice sentimental touch that showed the tradition of marriage in both of families. Very classy and contemporary!

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